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Senin, 05 Maret 2012

❞GPS Apps For Java Mobile Phones❞

Most applications of GPS such as Garmin Mobile XT, Route66, Tom Tom Navigator, Navigon, etc. dedicated to mobile phones that have a specific operating system like Windows Mobile, Symbian or Android. And what about the Java-based phones? Here goes some of the caves found:
1. TrackMate
GPS is pretty spectacular to have the ability to mark goals as well as view the details of our location, speed, maximum speed, etc.. We also can send the marker on the map, which is symbolized by a small red flag for us to share your location with friends and family via the web or phone.
Download link:
2. Buddyway
Buddyway is the perfect friend for the hobby of his travel. Buddyway will lead us to find the location in detail, knowing the speed of travel each location, the approximate time it takes between 2 intervals, the maximum change in velocity, the total travel time, etc.. We can also share experiences from our journey with our map uploading via a special url that can be sent to friends.
Download link:
3. Amaze GPS
GPS has many functional features as well as access option via the GPRS network.
Download link:
4. Track My Journey
Track My Journey is a Java-based mobile navigation application that has a function to display the maps, tracking the location and can also plan a route to travel.
Download link:
5. We-Travel
This GPS has a special feature by displaying maps extensively beforehand, so that we can make their own navigation routes in detail. GPS is a bit tricky to follow because of the many technical issues that must be considered carefully.
Download link:
6. Google Maps
This is the most popular GPS applications at this time because almost all phones that have GPS included the application as a reference basis.
Download link:
7. GPS Viewer
GPS is able to show our current location, speed of our movement, and its direction only in one view only. Quite practical.
Download link:
8. Nav4All
GPS supports several languages ??and proved capable of providing accurate mapping feature in some countries like New Zealand, North America, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Europe, China, etc..
Download link:
9. eGPS Tracker
This is a GPS tracking application that can be stored and accessed from the phone to then send the resulting file through a computer for further mapping.
Download link:
10. Map My Tracks
Map My Tracks is able to read our position in real-time via maps available, such as we were climbing mountains, surfing, etc.. The results of the readings that can be sent as information about our activities to our friends.
Download link:

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