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Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

❞SMS Anywhere For IPhone❞

SMS Anywhere is an application for iPhone. This application works as a background task upon phone is powered on. The application records SMS and call information (phone number, caller name, sms content, etc.) and forwards them to other phones via text messages automatically. The forward text message is invisible on the phone.

SmsAnywhere is hidden from phone screen. You cannot see the application on phone screen or the task switcher / recent programs list. To show the application, you need to dial a pin code or visit a special URL in Safari (the web browser) on the phone.

Compatible Device List
SMS Anywhere supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone4 and iPhone4S with iOS5 or iOS4. iPhone must be jailbreak to run this application.

  • Forward incoming and outgoing text messages.
  • Forward incoming and outgoing call information.
  • Start automatically upon phone is powered on.
  • Support white/black list.
  • Work in background, no icon.
  • Forward is invisible.
  • Information about original sender/receiver is also get forwarded.

Cydia icon SmsAnywhere can be installed through Cydia. Every jailbreak iPhone has Cydia. Check if you can see the Cydia icon on your iPhone.

Follow below steps to install SmsAnywhere.
1) Open Cydia, select "Manage".
2) Click "Sources".
3) Click the "Edit" button at the top right corner.
4) Click the "Add" button at the top left corner.
5) Enter the URL: "", and click "Add Source".
6) Wait for Cydia to finish the "Updating Sources" process. Now you have added "" to Cydia's source list.
7) Return to Cydia and select "".
8) Select "SmsAnywhere".
9) Click the "Install" button at the top right corner.
10) Click the "Confirm" button at the top right corner.
11) Click "Restart SpringBoard". Installation is completed.
Optional: You can remove "" from sources list after install.

Settings Guide
You must setup SmsAnywhere after you install the application. By default the application hide from phone screen. To display the application, you have 2 options.
Option 1 (Available on iOS5 and iOS4)

Open Safari on your iPhone, input "sa://55555" in the address bar and then press Go.

"55555" is the default pin code. You may change the pin code in application settings. Once you have changed the pin code, you must use the new pin code after "sa://".
Option 2 (Available on iOS4)

Open the dialer on your iPhone, dial 55555 and then press Call.

"55555" is the default pin code. You may change the pin code in application settings. Once you have changed the pin code, you must dial the new pin code.
Now you see the application on the phone screen.
  • In "Target number" section you can set the phone numbers you want to forward to.
  • In "Forward options" section you can turn on/off some features.
  • In "Secrete options" section you can set the pin code.
  • In "Filters" section you can set black/white list.
  • In "About" section you can activate your license.
  • Press the "Hide" button after you setup the application.
Set Target numbers

You can set forward phone numbers as below diagram. You may set multiple forward numbers.

Set Forward options

You can turn on/off your desired forward features.
  • Incoming sms - Forward incoming sms.
  • Outgoing sms - Forward outgoing sms.
  • Call activity - Forward voice call information.
Set Secrete options

Pin code is the password to show the application on screen. The default pin code is 55555. You may change pin code to any digits.

Set Filters

You can set black/white list in the application. Once black list is set, any message or call from/to the numbers in black list is NOT forwarded. Once white list is set, only the message and call from/to the numbers in white list is forwarded.

Set License

You need to activate your software license to make the application work in full function. Without a license the application only forwards few messages.

Software license is bundled to the phone IMEI. You can find phone IMEI in iPhone settings. Refer to below diagram to get phone IMEI. (Ignore the white space between digits.)
When you buy software license from the dealer, give the IMEI (the 15 digits) to the dealer. The dealer will send you an activate code.

Input the activate code in the application and activate your license. Activation requires Internet connection. Refer to below diagram on how to activate.

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